Small loans for school employees.


One of the categories of workers who have the possibility to apply for a loan agreement with the Social institute institute is the category of those working within the school environment, be they the teachers but also all the rest of the non-teaching staff.

How this loan works for school staff

How this loan works for school staff

This job category can apply for this loan and be able to obtain it from the moment in which there is a convenient agreement between the offices of the Social institute and the various regional schools. Thanks to this possibility, the school staff has the possibility of obtaining liquidity that can even reach quite high figures and as it is not finalized loans they can spend the amount of money received as they prefer, moreover the rates are extremely convenient and the the amortization period of the credit is very long and therefore comfortable.

In a short time following the loan request, the applicant receives the evaluation of his request and a bank check with the sum that he initially agreed with the institution, plus for any eventuality, an Social institute consultant more than the office the closest applicant is always at his disposal to clarify every question, to resolve every need and to modify if the loan contract is necessary.

The Social institute credits dedicated to teachers and non-school staff have both a fixed rate and small and constant installments, they can also be requested if you have other loans in progress or if you have financial problems of various kinds.

How to apply for the loan and the necessary requirements

How to apply for the loan and the necessary requirements

To make the request you need the main personal documents such as the CUD document, the last two payslips, an identity card and the tax code or health card. To access the loan, the worker must have an indefinite-term employment contract for at least sixty days, in addition, these credits provide life insurance and employment risk insurance coverage to better protect their owners.

New liquidity one of the Social institute workers studies a new loan solution based on the needs of the worker, which is subsequently combined with the sum received previously.

These loans can cover both small numbers but can also reach a maximum payable of 60,000 USD and as regards only the teaching staff the necessary requirements that are required by Social institute to provide the loan to this category is to be masters of a professorship from at least two years mandatory indefinitely.

This credit for all those who work in a school environment can also be obtained if the applicant is close to retirement age, can be repaid in a maximum of 10 years and the interest rate remains constant for the duration of the amortization.

As in most cases of loans, the loan for school workers has the possibility of being extinguished before the date that was agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract, in this way the employee can save a really significant part of all the interests that during the contract he must return the sum he requested and obtained.

The funding dedicated to school workers, both teachers and non-teachers, has an insurance that serves precisely for the protection of the credit holder and also his family members from unfortunate unexpected events, each installment of this loan in fact includes the cost of an insurance policy which is convention with Social institute and helps to repay all the cost of the debt during the amortization period.

The cost of the life and employment risk insurance policy, included directly in the monthly installments, is mandatory by law and serves to protect both the holder of the loan but also the institution that provides it.